Reducing order processing times 2.5x through AI

Olivia: Our Order Processing Autonomous Agent is designed to understand  customer preferences, needs, and provide a seamless customer experience by reducing processing times. 

The Challenge

Our client faced many challenges in order management, due to the amount of orders that had to be processed manually.  Validations and manual inputs took place across multiple core systems. This led to human errors that eventually turned into monetary losses.

The Solution

Olivia, our pre-built autonomous agent processes 5x number of orders in minutes not hours. As an stand alone autonomous agent she’s available to process orders 24×7. 

The Result

Thanks to Olivia it was possible to considerably reduce the execution time of the process in addition to the reduction of FTEs. Order data is now extracted and analyzed for trends with AI. 


Our client realized various benefits with our agent, evident in the quality and quantity of their new orders. Thanks to Beecker’s development, they optimized the handling of over 1000 weekly orders, ensuring data quality and reducing the time required to secure the sale. 


Imagine an efficient agent handling over 1000 orders in half the time it takes two full-time people, with data quality that reduces rework in the process. Let’s explore how this is possible through a single autonomous agent.

Automated Data Entry
Using OCR our AI Agent extracts relevant information from a purchase order to reduce manual data entry errors and accelerate processing time. The rest of the information is still extracted for trend analysis. 

User-Centered Design
Our Agent can extract information from PDFs, Emails or handwritten forms.  It then searches the company’s internal database to find the best cost option for the customer’s order. Once the search is complete, it selects the best proposal and closes the purchase order with product and supplier details, sent to the customer via email that mimics human correspondence.

Data Management with Elegance
Despite the intelligent handling of our agent, data management remains secure, and emails sent appear indistinguishable from those sent by a human. We ensure there is no difference in handling except for improved quality and response time. 

Memorable Conversation
Despite handling a high volume of orders, our agent guarantees the quality of each one and maintains backup data to facilitate future audits. Our agent meets all necessary standards for the process.


Olivia can revolutionize your operations by improving accuracy, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Contact us to learn more.