Our Platform

A comprehensive platform designed to empower your organization to visualize, measure, and manage your automation. 

Scale and drive business value through automation

Scale and drive business value through automation

Confidently scale your automation program by leveraging our pre-built industry specific automations

Unify your automation landscape

Our proprietary platform gives you full visibility and oversight for unparalleled monitoring and control.

Stay on top of latest AI trends

Stay on top of latest AI trends

Our innovation lab demos new AI tech, creating deployable, secure AI models for you.

One-stop shop for new Autonomous Agents

Our platform host an array of autonomous agents tailored to various business needs. Pre-Built agents that can be easily deployed to address your challenges.

Orchestrate all your automations in one place

Centralized hub where you can orchestrate and monitor all your automation initiatives seamlessly. From defining workflows and setting triggers to monitoring execution, we offer a unified interface. 

24/7 live support

24/7 live support to ensure that users receive timely assistance. Whether it’s technical support, or seeking advice on best practices, Beecker’s team is always available

View automation performance statistics

We enable users to gain valuable insights into the performance of their automation initiatives. Keep track of execution times, error rates, cost savings and make data driven decisions. 

Calculate your ROI

Calculate cost savings, productivity gains and other benefits derived from our autonomous agents. Justify the investment and provide insights for expansion initiatives.

Stay in the know with new AI trends and demos

Users can stay ahead of the curve and leverage the latest advancements in AI to drive continuous improvement. 

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