Food and Beverage Company optimizes invoice processing with Intelligent Automation and reduces processing time by 96%.

In the Food and Beverage Industry, efficiency and accuracy are essential. A manual invoicing process can lead to errors, rework and high operating costs. A leading company in the industry was facing these problems, affecting its productivity and profitability. To solve this challenge, Beecker implemented Intelligent Automation with our Digital Agents.

The challenge

The Food and Beverage company was facing high costs and delays in manual invoice processing. Human errors and rework were frequent, affecting the efficiency and accuracy of their financial records. To address these problems, they needed a solution that would speed up the process and reduce errors.

The Solution

Implementing our Autonomous Agents to streamline invoice processing, gathering information, validating and performing invoice reconciliation.

The Result

Beecker optimized the accounts payable department’s process, achieving a 96% reduction in processing time. Thanks to automation, considerable savings in time and human resources were generated by reducing errors and rework.


In the competitive Food and Beverage industry our client, a leading company, is looking to increase its competitiveness and the profitability of its operations. Beecker helped them meet the challenge of optimizing invoicing processing, reducing costs and human error. Discover how our Autonomous Agent transformed operations by reducing invoice processing time by up to 96% and reducing errors caused by manual work by up to 60%. This implementation not only improved the accuracy of financial records but also increased the company’s overall productivity.


In the Food and Beverage Industry, accuracy and efficiency are essential. A manual process can lead to errors, rework and high operating costs. Our client  was facing these problems affecting its productivity and profitability. To meet this challenge, it implemented Beecker’s Intelligent Automation through its Autonomous Agents.

Intelligent Automation for greater efficiency
In the Food and Beverage sector, efficiency and accuracy are key. Think of an invoicing process where every transaction is fast and accurate with minimal errors and reworks. This vision became a reality thanks to  our Autonomous Agents.

Reduced errors and increased productivity
Not only do our autonomous AI agents automate monotonous tasks, but they also improve the process and its accuracy. From receiving and validating invoices to reconciling financial records, these agents work tirelessly to reduce human error and rework. As a result, the time it took to execute the invoicing process has been reduced by 96%, in addition to a 60% reduction in errors, saving the company time and human resources.

Streamlined operations
Operational agility is key in a competitive market. With our Autonomous AI Agents, invoice processing is much faster and more efficient. Employees who used to spend 25 hours a week processing 100 transactions can now focus on higher value-added tasks, as a single bot performs the same work in just one hour. This means the company can operate with greater flexibility and respond faster to market demands.

More informed business decisions
Intelligent automation also generates valuable data for decision making. Our Autonomous Agents collect and analyze information, providing the company with accurate insights into its invoicing flow and enabling more efficient resource management. This facilitates strategic decision making and helps the company stay competitive.

In the Food and Beverage industry, the ability to optimize processes with Intelligent Automation is a key differentiator. Our Intelligent Automation solution helped our client reduce errors, increase operational efficiency and improve productivity. Want to learn more about how Autonomous Agents can transform your business? Contact us to find out how we can help your company achieve amazing results.