Our autonomous agents execute tasks, think, learn and live on a standalone basis.

We equip finance departments with the capabilities to function with increased efficiency, precision, and strategic foresight, enabling them to effectively address the evolving requirements of contemporary finance operations and generate significant value for their organizations.

Autonomous Retailer portal conciliation agent:

Animated video of: Download report from Retail Portal, Log into SAP, consolidate information, match POs and Invoices, create dashboard with fill rate and accounts payable by customer. (to be provided by Beecker).

Integrations to over 20+ Retailers (Logos of HEB, Walmart, Soriana, La Comer, Home Depot, Safeway, Albertsons, Wholefoods).

Other autonomous agents:

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Autonomous Account Reconciliation

We ensure accurate account reconciliation with RPA by automatically comparing data across multiple systems, saving significant time for finance professionals.

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Autonomous Journal Entry Automation

We automate the creation and posting of journal entries in financial systems. Bots extract data from various sources, validate entries, and post transactions accurately, reducing the risk of errors and speeding up the month-end closing process for finance teams.

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Autonomous Credit Score Assessment

Our RPA + AI solution automates credit score assessments, analyzing customer data and generating credit scores with greater speed and accuracy.

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Autonomous Bank Statement Reconciliation

Our bots automatically reconcile bank statements with internal financial records, ensuring accuracy and reducing the reconciliation cycle time.

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Autonomous Customer Onboarding

We streamline customer onboarding by automating document verification, compliance checks, and data entry, accelerating the onboarding process while maintaining regulatory compliance.

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Autonomous Payment Processing

Our bots automate payment processing tasks, ensuring timely and error-free transactions by seamlessly integrating with various payment systems.

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