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Our autonomous agents execute tasks, think, learn and live on a standalone basis.

In response to consumer demand and competitive pressure, consumer-packaged-goods companies are calling on their operations capabilities to do more with less. We partner with CPG & Retail clients to increase margins by automating their supply chains. Our Pre-built autonomous agents seamlessly integrate into your process accelerating RPA and AI Implementation and delivering immediate operational efficiency.

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Autonomous Inventory Manager

Our inventory solution uses AI to analyze historical sales data, automate reorder processes and match the closest , most similar product available to re-stock in case of stockout.

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Autonomous Supply Chain Optimizer

Our SC utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning to autonomously analyze, predict, and optimize every facet of the supply chain, enhancing efficiency and responsiveness.

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Autonomous Customer Support Agent

Our AI chatbot solution assists customers with inquiries and provide recommendations while automatically updating order status and returns processing.

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Autonomous Pricing Strategist

Our pricing strategy solution uses AI to analyze market conditions, competitor pricing and consumer behavior to adjust pricing strategies, while automating the price change.

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Autonomous Procurement Optimizer

Our solution for precision in procurement optimization utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance the purchasing of raw materials. It assesses the specifications of components, production limitations, and cost factors.

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Autonomous Freight Planning Optimizer

Through intelligent automation, advanced algorithms, and data-driven insights, we enhance route planning, cargo consolidation, and scheduling efficiency.

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Autonomous Returns Management

Streamline and optimize the handling of product returns with efficient processing, accurate tracking, and seamless integration with inventory management systems.

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