Brewing the next generation of call center AI Co-Pilots

Our AI Copilots for call centers provides voice-to-text transcriptions quickly, while understanding customer needs, and processing answers in the background. This allows operators to retrieve necessary information more efficiently and rapidly.

The Challenge

Our client, a leading brewery, faced significant cost overruns in delivering effective and timely assistance to customers.

The Solution

Implementation of our AI Copilots that facilitates access to necessary information by operators in real-time during customer service calls. 

The Result

The introduction of AI Copilots has improved efficiency and effectiveness in customer service delivery. Customer satisfaction rates have soared as interactions became more personalized, and resolutions expedited.


Our client was seeking an  efficient solution to implement AI in to facilitate the work to their customer service agents, enabling operators to provide better service. Thanks to our proprietary AI Co-Pilot the client is transforming the call center experience.


Working alongside human agents to enhance their performance and streamline customer interactions, our revolutionary voice-to-text AI Co-Pilot is transforming the call center experience.

User-Focused Design
Our AI Co-Pilot is designed to work in collaboration with operators,  by listening to customer calls in real time and understand the context of the conversations. Our AI Co-Pilot can quickly search through databases, FAQs and retrieve relevant information, allowing operators to access essential information more efficiently than ever before.

Intelligent Training
Our Ai Co-Pilot can ensure that the agent adheres to scripts and compliance guidelines by providing reminders or alerts during the call. It can provide feedback to agents in real time and generate reports for supervisors. 

By analyzing past interactions and specific customer data, our co-pilot can provide personalized recommendations to agents such as upselling opportunities or tailored solutions to common issues. 

Workflow Automation
Our Co-Pilot automates call logging, follow-up actions and updating customer records, freeing up agents to focus on higher value interactions.  

Our Co-Pilot is not just a tool for call operators; it is a valuable assistant to a human agent to help them deliver faster, more accurate and more personalized customer service. Contact us to learn more.