Our autonomous agents execute tasks, think, learn and live on a standalone basis.

We equip operational teams with the tools they need to streamline workflows, enhance decision-making, and drive productivity to new heights. Our cutting-edge technology enables teams to automate repetitive tasks, uncover actionable insights from data and adapt swiftly to changing demands. 

Autonomous Retailer portal conciliation agent:

Animated video of: Download report from Retail Portal, Log into SAP, consolidate information, match POs and Invoices, create dashboard with fill rate and accounts payable by customer. (to be provided by Beecker).

Integrations to over 20+ Retailers (Logos of HEB, Walmart, Soriana, La Comer, Home Depot, Safeway, Albertsons, Wholefoods).

Other autonomous agents:

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Autonomous Supply Chain Optimization

Our solution automates demand forecasting, inventory management and logistics coordination. Ensure optimal inventory levels, minimize stockouts and streamline movements of goods. 

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Autonomous Order Processing & Fulfillment

Our solution accelerates the order-to-delivery cycle, to automate order intake, stock picking, cargo cubing and payment verification. You can ensure faster order processing times and improved customer satisfaction 

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Customer Service Enhancement

Our solution automates responses to FAQs, resolves customer inquiries in real-time, and escalates complex issues to human when necessary. 

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Compliance and Risk Management

Our solution ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and mitigate operational risks. Avoid costly penalties or reputational damage. 

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Quality Control and Product Inspection

Our solutions ensures QC and Product inspection. Using sensor data analysis an automated testing algorithms we can detect defects and quality issues early in the process. 

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Data Analytics and Insights

Our solution uses predictive modeling and sentiment analysis to gain valuable insights into consumer behavior, market trends and competitor strategies. 

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